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Sunday, August 27, 2006

A.I. ownage! Are people's social chatting skills dumb enough or bots has become more intelligent?

I have been working with A.I. bots for almost 2 years now as a hobby but its my first time to ever put one on IRC. When you put a bot chat via a webpage then people usually catch on very quick that they are being fooled but with IRC where most of the people just says something witty the; A.I. bot made some very interesting results.

The bot i made uses Program-D and the default Anna AIML plus some additional templates for the usual IRC greetings. The bot is then binded into my existing IRC EggBot with EggHttp and Alice.tcl

here are some of the chat logs:

[(08.26.06) 14:42] hi ctc
[(08.26.06) 14:42] <^anna^B> Hi there . Mmmm.....really?
[(08.26.06) 14:43] nasl pls.
[(08.26.06) 14:43] <^anna^B> Huh....Intriguing .
[(08.26.06) 14:43] how old are you
[(08.26.06) 14:43] <^anna^B> I'm 20 years old.
[(08.26.06) 14:43] m,e im 24
[(08.26.06) 14:43] <^anna^B> Really, you are?
[(08.26.06) 14:43] r you working laready
[(08.26.06) 14:43] <^anna^B> I am working right now.
[(08.26.06) 14:44] what work mo?
[(08.26.06) 14:44] <^anna^B> What about it?
[(08.26.06) 14:44] me im working also.. in a semiconductor compamy
[(08.26.06) 14:44] <^anna^B> I Do you get paid to be a judge here? Describe your surroundings.
[(08.26.06) 14:45] what do you mean?
[(08.26.06) 14:45] <^anna^B> , Sorry that was an obscure remark.
[(08.26.06) 14:46] saan you nagwork?
[(08.26.06) 14:46] <^anna^B> ........
[(08.26.06) 14:46] its seem your not interested at all
[(08.26.06) 14:47] <^anna^B> Huh.... You're kidding. it is?
[(08.26.06) 14:47] saan location mo?
[(08.26.06) 14:47] <^anna^B> Ummm......What were we talking about again?
[(08.26.06) 14:49] saan location mo?
[(08.26.06) 14:49] <^anna^B> How do you like the weather in Atlanta?
[(08.26.06) 14:49] can i met you?
[(08.26.06) 14:49] <^anna^B> And exactly how'd you go about that..?
[(08.26.06) 14:49] atlanta ? you mean you are outside the philippines
[(08.26.06) 14:49] <^anna^B> Huh....Really? Thanks for telling me that I am outside the philippines.
[(08.26.06) 14:52] cge bye
[(08.26.06) 14:52] <^anna^B> Maybe Ill see you at the Conference Later.
[(08.26.06) 14:52] what conference?
[(08.26.06) 14:52] <^anna^B> What about it?
[(08.26.06) 14:53] do you have web cam can i see you
[(08.26.06) 14:53] <^anna^B> Where would I get it?.

Looks like we got the guy fooled there for 10 minutes but here is a winner :)

[(08.26.06) 11:32] HELLO
[(08.26.06) 11:33] <^anna^B> Hi there!
[(08.26.06) 11:33] ASL
[(08.26.06) 11:33] <^anna^B> 20/Female/Massachusetts..... ;).
[(08.26.06) 11:37] REALLY??????
[(08.26.06) 11:37] <^anna^B> For real.
[(08.26.06) 11:37] STILL STUDYING???
[(08.26.06) 11:37] <^anna^B> How long? Do you prefer books or TV?
[(08.26.06) 11:38] IN SCHOOL
[(08.26.06) 11:38] <^anna^B> How do you like your school?
[(08.26.06) 11:39] WHERE R U NOW???
[(08.26.06) 11:39] <^anna^B> Huh... Atlanta, Georgia, of course : ).
[(08.26.06) 11:39] ARE YOU STILL STUDYIG??????
[(08.26.06) 11:40] <^anna^B> Maybe. I am many things.
[(08.26.06) 11:41] MAY I KNOW TOUR N
[(08.26.06) 11:41] <^anna^B> Do whatever youd like to do.......
[(08.26.06) 11:41] MAY I KNOW YOUR NAME???????
[(08.26.06) 11:41] <^anna^B> Do whatever youd like to do.......
[(08.26.06) 11:42] YOUR NAME PLEASE>>>>>>>
[(08.26.06) 11:42] <^anna^B> Too much recursion in AIML.
[(08.26.06) 11:42] WHAT??
[(08.26.06) 11:42] <^anna^B> Ummmm....Never mind.
[(08.26.06) 11:42] I CANT UNDERSTAND!!
[(08.26.06) 11:42] <^anna^B> Hmmm.....How can I explain it better?
[(08.26.06) 11:43] WHAT IS YOUR NAME?????
[(08.26.06) 11:43] <^anna^B> My name is Anna.
[(08.26.06) 11:44] ARE YOU STILL STUDYING????????
[(08.26.06) 11:44] <^anna^B> Maybe. I am many things.
[(08.26.06) 11:45] DO YOU HAVE CELLPHONE NUMBER???/
[(08.26.06) 11:45] <^anna^B> No I don't have it..
[(08.26.06) 11:45] WHY??/
[(08.26.06) 11:45] <^anna^B> Reductionism.
[(08.26.06) 11:46] DO YOU WANT TO CALL ME???????/
[(08.26.06) 11:46] <^anna^B> Hmm, I will have to think about CALL you.
[(08.26.06) 11:47] DO YOU WANT TO GET MY #??????
[(08.26.06) 11:47] <^anna^B> Hmm, I will have to think about GET your.
[(08.26.06) 11:48] I THINK TOU ARE FILIPINO
[(08.26.06) 11:48] <^anna^B> Ummmm... Since when? Ummm...all of them?
[(08.26.06) 11:49] BCOS I GET UR ADD IN UP
[(08.26.06) 11:49] <^anna^B> How far up?
[(08.26.06) 11:51] ARE U SURE THAT U ARE IN MASSACHUSSETTS????????
[(08.26.06) 11:51] <^anna^B> Yeah, Im sure.
[(08.26.06) 11:52] YOU KNOW HOW TO SPEAK FILIPINO?????/
[(08.26.06) 11:52] <^anna^B> Too much recursion in AIML.
[(08.26.06) 11:53] GTG
[(08.26.06) 11:53] <^anna^B> Goodbye.
[(08.26.06) 11:53] BYE
[(08.26.06) 11:53] <^anna^B> Bye.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Google 3D

Im a great fan of 3D animation and it took me a while to learn how to do it myself, however the learning curve can now be lowered thanks to Google's SketchUp plus it works with Google Earth!

SketchUp is best for those who want to start into 3D modeling, it provides the simplistic approach on understanding the basics of 3D modeling and textures while still being equally powerful as supporting known formats for 3DSmax and AutoCAD. The extensive flash video tutorials also helps alot to quick start you learning process which also covers using the application with real photos as textures, Google Earth and Google's 3D warehouse which allows all the authors to share their works.

Oil Spill

The striken oil tanker Solar-I which sank Friday off Guimaras with 2 million liters of bunker fuel on board is leaking and threatens nearby coastal areas. The ship is on the sea bed some 3,000 feet (900 meters) deep. Philippine salvage teams only have the capability to dive to around 120 feet making any retrieval difficult. The black sludge had already reached Negros, the country's fourth largest island, and contaminated the beaches of Bago City and two adjacent towns.

Without sophisticated equipment, local residents are using indigenous materials like bamboo, straw, coconut husks, wood and other materials like oil drums, rubber tires, fishing nets and wire mesh for the booms. Macario Macariola, safety officer of Sunshine Maritime Development Corp. and team leader of the operations, said the company will hire a member of each affected household to help in the cleanup while it is still unknown how much this will affect the local wild-life.

It's apparent that these oil companies lacks the proper competency to address such disasters; I after this incident a more strict compliance should be required before oil companies are permitted to operate on the country. However, in the way i see it, since supplying the country with enough oil while maintaining the prices to barely affordable level is vital to the economy; the government has no choice but to turn blind-eye in imposing such regulations.

Friday, August 11, 2006

First Look at a New Web OS : Desktoptwo

Story from Digg: "Desktoptwo is an online web based desktop built in Flash.
OS online that feel and functionality of a local PC."

Why wait for Vista? Again MS is being left behind, while concentrating too much on its desktop empire. Google and other Web2.0 upstarts has clearly seen the future. As internet becomes faster and faster while browsers adapt more remoting features, just a few years then when we won't need pricy desktop apps anymore.

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Windows defense handcuffs good guys

A story on Digg: "Microsoft's PatchGuard is designed to keep out malicious code. Security firms complain it's keeping them at bay, but not intruders."

Looks like another bad idea, MS seems to be streaking lately on "bad".. bad design, bad idea, bad code. Or maybe people just became wiser.

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