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Saturday, April 28, 2007

PHPUGPH Grand EB: Reporting on site - Lessons


I give my praises to Clod, he did very well in organizing the event -- all hands claps after he presented the PHPUGPH introduction as the opening remarks. Then he introduced the sponsors of the event; Mr Robert Locke introduced Mobius and their products followed by the presentation of from sponsor announcing its upcoming site features.

These were quickly followed by topic speakers Mr Reuben Ravago on LAMP, Sir Reuben walks the audience through the _why_use_LAMP_ presentation but equally presents alternatives to the LAMP stack.

Jerome Gotangco presented UBUNTU to the audience and gives lots on info on and personal tweaks on how to setup a PHP development environment using UBUNTU.

PHPUGPH Grand EB: Reporting on site - Introduction.

The event started on time, the joyful members who volunteered at the reception area greeted me while practically dragging the 3 chairs and 3 bags I opted to bring as give-aways for the event. After signing up the attendance sheet and getting my name tag I headed to meet the person who's probably the one we should blame for this (kidding), Mr Clodelio Delfino (aka r00t).

Here's the photos I initially snapped via my camera phone:

As you can see from the photos, it's a success! There's about 50+ people that attended the event. You can download here is a short video clip that showed how packed the venue is.

More updates to follow as the event progress.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

PHP User-Group Philippines Unite!

Im a PHP fanatic, in my 7 years as a software developer PHP has gained as special role in my craft. It's the perfect middle level programming language for me in terms of speed and power. Lots of developers may burn me for this comment, they will quickly point out how insecure and unmanageable PHP is. IMHO once you have gained enough understanding about the language, you can easily avoid these pitfalls; personally I'm not dependent on a single language for development, my specialty involves building distributed systems, each application uses different platforms/languages depending on its role in the system and finally gluing them together -- making them talk as one, I found that PHP can easily serves this purpose quite nicely.

On April 28, 2007.The PHP User-Group Philippines will attempt to bring the largest community gathering of PHP developers into reality, below are the programme details:

Speaker: Allan Joseph Batac - PHPUGPH.COM Founder (will be represented by r00t since he's in Canada)
Time: 2:00pm-2:15pm

2. Sponsor - Mobius Games
Speaker: Robert Locke - CEO Mobius Games
Time: 2:15pm - 2:45pm

3. LAMP Basics
Speaker: Reuben Ravago - OLM Technologies,K2 Interactive
Time: 2:45pm - 3:15pm

4. UBUNTU Plug
Speaker: Jerome Gotangco - UBUNTU
Time: 3:15pm - 3:30pm

5. TDD in PHP
Speaker: Andre JOhn Cruz - PHPUGPH.COM Administrator
Time: 3:30pm - 4:00pm

6. Brainstorming
Moderator: r00t or any volunteer

Venue: Mob iCafe, Market-market
Time; 2:00-5:00 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2007

You can't fight against the world.

This is another long overdue post, right now I'm still on bench while waiting for our departure to Australia on the 12th and hopefully it won't get delayed again -- not that I don't enjoy pays without work but I'm already too excited to visit the down under... and see the kangaroos!

First, some updates on the world of mobile:

Google lauches Google Voice Local Search, now you can call Google and find the nearest StarBucks for free, this seems familiar...yep, its similar to my post at MC regarding VoiceXML and search.

Mobile IM war is out! Mundu IM is being featured on MC which allows you to chat your buddys at YM, MSN, ICQ, and GTalk. But before jumping in into the band wagon, you might want to consider my reply to the post:

"... Another interesting developement is that Telcos are cutting down services that offers IM to SMS while mobile IM’s GPRS rates has been increased; this decision were recommended by the Revenue Assurance department after finding out that Telcos has been losing revenue in International SMS because of IM to SMS and mobile IM service."

There are other ways to play the mobile IM war, although we know content is king but its the community that decides.

Finally, a Happy Easter to All!

PS. It's strange that I haven't heared of LG chocolates for Easter yet ^_^

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This is just crazy :)

Nothing to do with mobile but its just so crazy, the hottest summer footwear cost around Php800 and... its just rubber. Oh well, I bought my girl a pair and 2 more just incase it doesn't suite her taste.

Frankly, I don't see what's so hot about it but I had to fall in line for half an hour just to get inside flip-flops, the store that sells them ^_^

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