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Friday, August 22, 2008

I Have Too Many Web 2.0 Widgets

If you have just visited my site then crashed your browser then its not your fault. No thanks to me, I have around 43 (I lost count) Web 2.0 widgets enabled on this site and arranging them is no longer an easy task on Blogger's customize layout.

Blogger -- Edit Layout_1219405936858 

The good thing about it is, this site serves as a test page for bloggers to find out about new widgets and which widget works so -- so I get lots of inquiries where to get and how to install them.

So do you think I have too much widgets already? I do think so.

So I'm going to stop adding new ones? Not a chance! Hehe. I am a widget lover and I even developed widgets to like the TwitSnap widget for Twitter users. I have also co-mentored a Google Summer of Code project under Drupal that allows even more widgets which has concluded recently. If you're a Drupal user then you can get the embed widgets module here.

So if your browser crashed while visiting this site then it's my fault really X_X.

BTW, I have installed 3 new widgets from Wowzio, so check them out!

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