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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

High-tech Job

TechBiz Philippines Inc (Banking) is looking for:

  • Two (2) MS C#.Net Developer
    • 2 Years work experience as developer (any).
      • Experience with Flex has advantage
    • Fresh graduates may apply with recommendation from college dean or instructor.
    • Full-time / Permanent
    • P25,000-50,000 / mo basic salary (negotiable)
    • Has opportunity to travel abroad.
    • Flexible time
    • All interested applicants must submit a one (1) page CV to
  • One (1) Technical Writer
    • 1 Year work experience
    • or has a technical blog
    • must be familiar with MS technology / .Net
    • Full-time / Parmanent or Freelance
    • P30,000 / mo basic salary (negotiable)
    • All interested applicants must submit a one (1) page CV to
    • If you have blog please indicate the URL

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Having Problems with Globe?

More complaints are posted online by Globe users where users cant send sms but can receive them, cant load prepaid, some even claims having able to call for free -- I don't know why they complain about free calls tho :D

So what's happening?

The inside scoop is the southern network fiber optics cable of Globe was cut thus isolating most of Visayas network, especially the Cebu Globe data center. I already knew about this since Monday but we kept our mouth shut while quick remedies are being made.

Unfortunately the remedies seemed to have caused more problems than the original so more users started noticing the problem by mid-week and it also started to affect Globelines (Internet ISP) users as well -- I bet its due to the re-routing to mitigate the fiber optics problem.

I have not receive further information on the status of the problem since Monday which might mean its going to gets even bad before it gets better again.

Finally the cause of the incident is still undisclosed but theories between underwater earthquake severing the lines, sabotage by terrorists with submarines and the relation to Cloverfield monster is being discussed at the moment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My secret life blog

I have been pondering for a long time if I should put up a life blog, exposing my life to the public ain't my cup of tea -- I hate personal publicity. This is basically the same reason I don't use my real first name. Strangers and friends alike calls me by my pen name: "Godie".

However last night I finally made up my mind, time to write about my life and the stuff that i really do; but there is one problem. My personal life revolves around the complicated world of secrecy, there are things i do that i cannot disclose for legal reasons. I must have signed already a couple dozen of NDAs and non-compete papers by the age 25; both on and off my day job.

So i made a blog that allows me to share my daily experiences as well as cast a cloud of obscurity to to things i must keep silent with while not totally taking them out of the story.

Please check out Musings of Cigarette Smoking Man and find out for yourself.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Predictions for 2007 and beyond: Revisited

It's a new year again and just like i promised on my Year 2007 predictions post, lets recap which came true and which didn't.

Last year I predicted:

1. Banking 2.0 - 60% came true.
There were a lot of new stuff in banking on 2007 such as Western Union Debt card, the Union Bank Eon card with Paypal support and banks have been heavily investing on EPS as well.

2. Content is King - 90% came true. was shutdown for allegations of distributing pirated contents which is totally untrue since most of its contents were from video hosting sites such as YouTube, Tudou, and Dailymotion. Although Tv-links do not host them, they were the number 1 destination of users looking for the newest movies and TV-series episodes because they we categorized properly and very accessible. It simply shows being king in content also mean people can access them easily.

3. The rise of the mashables - 100% true.
Facebook and OpenSocial two names that moved and proved this predictions. Do I need to say more?

4. The Gaming Word: "Massive" - 80% true.
Halo 3 and Wii is the best example for this category, Halo has not just enticed a lot of gamers to MMOG but spurred a lot of entrepreneurs such as providers of Halo gaming tutorials. Wii has brought MMOG from virtual to the real world, now friends can meet and play together which in gatherings called a Wii-party. Some MMORG has also initiated virtual advertising billboards like in RAN.

5. Philippine BPO Boom - 70% true.
More BPOs are now shifting to SEO since Pinoys are very good with word play and the adoption of blogging has been booming. Companies are now outsourcing bloggers to blog about their products.

Well in summary, 80% of my predictions in average have came true in some form which means there is still a lot of potential left to be explored for those who are looking for the next big thing.

Anyway be sure to visit back and check out my Predictions for 2008 and beyond which will be released soon!

Pushing Boundaries: Twit2948 MMS

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the long absence from the blogosphere, I have been busy at work before the holidays and spent most of my time doing stuff. Fun and exciting stuff that pushes the boundaries of Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0

Announcing the beta version of Twit2948 MMS! Now you can post your photos from your mobile phone and link them to your Twitter post!

How to upload photos and post twits at the same time:

  1. Create a new MMS message.
  2. Attach an image.
  3. Write on the body:
    TWIT [your message]
  4. Send it to 2948

Standard VAS charges applies.

Note: The service is currently on beta, there are no confirmation messages when posting MMS at the moment. Use at your own risk.

This service is now pushing the boundary on innovation, why? MMS uploading is not entirely new but check out this sample twit and follow the links:

Notice anything weird? The twit has a TinyUrl link to a site hosted at Googlepages and the images are stored at ImageShack all for free!

While ImageShack uploading and TinyUrl has and API, making Googlepages run dynamic contents is a hack I made (there is no Googlepages API at the moment).

This is just the beginning, as APIs become main stream and OpenSocial gains wide adoption there will be a shift of business model. No single domain will be able to claim dominance and their web identities will be merged, there will no or or but a -- It means the web experience becomes a whole rather than disjointed websites.

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