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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Are you a Jaiku user?
Got envy when I released Twit2948 for Twitter?

I'm sharing today Jai2948 to the public which is an SMS service I'm using to update my Jaiku life-stream. This of course is developed again using the TxtDomain API under OrgText service of 2948.

Just send JAI to 2948 to receive the instructions on how to register, it is available for Globe, Smart and Sun users. Remember, you must first be a Jaiku user before you can use this service; standard VAS rates applies.

Finally before "Mr Squealer" tries to claim that I'm pocketing money making these service let me clarify. I'm not paid to do this, I don't get any revenue shares or anything else. I do this because It makes posting to Jaiku convenient for people on the road like me and I'm sharing it for the better good of all Jaiku users.

Before I end my post, for those who are not yet a Jaiku user you can post a comment here so I can send you an invitation.

PS: Since Jaiku has been acquired by Google so expect more integration of Jai2948 to the OpenSocial API and Google Services later on!



Jeffyvil said...

hehehe... pwede humingi ng invite... thanx... ;P

really learning from all this... open source is good!

godieYOSI said...

Sure just email me at rpfilomeno^at^gmail^dot^com and send your email addy to be invited.

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