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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google Friend Connect on Blogger Hack

My Friend Connect account got approved a few weeks back but I was not able to use it until today because of the busy work and holiday schedules. So the first thing I wanted to do was add this to my Blogger blog but it seems Google left some cryptic hints on how to actually do this especially how to upload the two (2) required files for Friend Connect.

I immediately searched for a hack and found a very simple one, you don’t need to upload those two files for Blogger. Just proceed with the verification and it should find those files already included in your blog.

You can now then create a widget and add it via the Layout > Page Element page as an HTML/Javascript gadget.

Feel free to join this blog using the Friend Connect widget on the right navigation panel.

MegaMobile with IPVG Party

Some shots during the IPVG year-end assembly held last December 10, 2008 -- and this will be the first time in history I'm letting anyone take a pic of me wearing coat and tie. Hehe.

Right: Mark, aka Xrelay, our top secret weapon.

Left: Aris our CTO. Fooled you didn’t he? He is a master Jedi -- “Clouded the force must be…”.

Right: Claire, our muse -- “Claire bear! Save the cheerleader, save the world…”.

A wacky pose with my fiancée Kristy.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Crunchyroll, a video sharing site devoted to anime has announced it will no longer be accepting fan subs uploaded by users after closing an exclusive deal with TV publishers.

Although there is no definite answer yet from the site’s managers and some think its a hoax; most of the CR community is already saying its farewell.

Image credit to serpentura.

As for me, I’m leaving CR because I feel it has became less than interesting compared before and the pre-video ads are driving me nuts. Anyway most of the anime posted there are also available at ZOMGAnime.

Visit the goodbye CR thread for more.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Beware: Phishing attack against J.P. Morgan commenced.

I just received this phishing email targeting JP Morgan clients, as we all know JP Morgan has risen to be the #1 US amidst economic meltdown.

The original email less my email address and mail server if is located here:

As to can see in the original email, the link actually goes to

jp morgan phising

I have already flagged this emails as Phising in Gmail.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Send Free SMS from your email to Globe, Smart and Sun* Mobile phones

I have received an emailed press release today regarding yet another FREE SMS service offering from MegaMobile Inc. The letter reads:

Dear Family and Friends,

We've just come out with a simple and easy to use messaging service that allows anyone with an email to send FREE SMS text messages to any Globe, Smart and Sun* mobile subscriber. This is especially useful and, more importantly, cost-saving for our Kababayans abroad who need to get in touch with friends and family this Holiday Season. So, forward this email to your egroups and mailing lists.

*in the works, service on Sun coming soon!

How to send SMS from your email:
1) Type in the recipients' (To:, cc:, bcc:) mobile in this format <cellphone number> (example:
2) Write your SMS message as you would an email.
3) Send!

Note: Don't forget to save your recipients' mobile "email" address in your contacts list so it will be easier for you to send and compose future sms emails. I've attached a screenshot of how this might look like.
Conversely, you may also send SMS from your mobile phones to any email address. How to do it:

1) Compose an SMS message in this format: M2M <recipient email address> <Your Message>
Example: M2M When are you coming up with a better Iphone?!
2) Send to 2948

Try it out yourselves and tell your friends about it.
Enjoy the holidays!


Sample Mail2Mobile

We'll there is no more excuse not being able to greet everyone a Merry Christmas this year!

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