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Friday, August 31, 2007

Nokia IPhone (not a joke)

IT'S NOT A JOKE. Nokia unveils its new iPhone clone commercial at Nokia's Go Play event. You better watch this video first before we start bashing.

"If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride."
Anssi Vanjoki
Nokia's Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia

... and it never came at the best time for Nokia as Apple's iPhone has lost its exclusivity to AT&T lock-in because of the hack. This means iPhone distribution is now lost in the wild and Nokia's European / Asian hi-end user markets are in danger of being invaded by iPhone prematurely and possibly uncontrollably without competition.

You can read more daily bashing on Nokia iPhone at Engadget.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hacked IPhone with working SIM

...And the world has triumphed against the monopolist.

IPhone is now officially hacked with thanks to Vladimir_CDI,ozbimmer. Hacked IPhone will now work with any carriers which means the price tag will sky rocket again which is good for Apple but this means AT&T will no longer monopolize the IPhone user market and people would probably switch back to better providers -- hah, it told you so AT&T, Apple got you PWND for agreeing with their marketing scheme.

Ok, I know you didn't really read my ramblings and just wants the hack so just go to:

WARNING: The hack is for the uber-techie; I'm also currently trying to get hold of the SIM readers at the moment -- I will have to wait for someone to buy it for me next month overseas.

I'm going to post a copy of the How-To here with alternate links to downloads just in case it gets taken down, but it's BEST to get the latest technique from

U will need::

1. an iPhone
2. SIM Reader/Writer (Infinity USB Unlimited, Dynamite Programer(I used this) ,etc...)
3. SilverCard
4. Your SIM card (It must be a V1 ,U must be able to get Ki number)
5. Download
- (alt site:
- (alt site:

1. ::Getting IMSI,ICCID & Ki number from your SIMs::

Step 1 - Your(V1)SIM

1. Put your carrier SIM card in programer
2. Run Woronscan
3. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.
4. Click on "Task" tab then on "ICC select" u will get a ICCID number, write it down.
5. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "Ki search", in pop-up window just click "Search", and wait,Ki extraction has began.(I was waiting for mine 40 min ) When u get it, write it down.

Step 2 - Getting IMSI from AT&T SIM card which came with an iPhone

1. Put your AT&T SIM card in programer
2. Click on "Tasks" then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.
3. Close Woronscan
4. Remove SIM from programer

Now U have all "data" to make SuperSim.

::Making SuperSim::

1. Download & extract - (alt site:
1.a Put your Silvercard in programer
2. Run Sim-Emu 6.01 Configurator v2.1
3. Click on Configure tab
4. Click "Read from disk" button
5. Browse to your downloaded Flash&EEPROM files, first double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1.HEX and then double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1_EP.HEX, now they are loaded,positions 0 and 9 are red colored,thats fine.

6. In position 0 , type in data which u got from your carrier SIM with Woronscan - IMSI,Ki & ICCID!
For ADN/SMS/FDN# type 161, 15, 4, for SMS Centre type in your carrier SMS center number.

7. Now select position "9", here type IMSI from AT&T SIM card ,and PIN1 ,PUK1 same like in position "0" ,NOTHING ELSE!
8. In "Config mode" check "Files" circle check button
9. Click on "Write to disk" button,u'll be asked to save new created SuperSim Flash&Eeprom files,Save it!
10. Write those NEW created Flash&Eeprom files on Silvercard with your programer software!
11. Cut the SIM -

2. ::Making your iPhone SuperSim compatible::

Step 1

Step 2
WINDOWS users - For already "fake activated" iPhones ,put the AT&T SIM that it came with iPhone in it or deactivation in step 12. will not work!In "Step 15" when U are filling in fileds ,for ICCID use your carrier SIM ICCID not AT&Ts! When u download a "custom activator v0.2" DO NOT PROCCED to Step 16! At this point remove AT&T SIM card from iPhone(still connected to computer),put in your SuperSim AND THEN procced to Step 16.!

MAC users - In step 18. type your carriers SIM ICCID where needed

U will get Activated iPhone with your SuperSim! iPhone will say "Locked SIM", Don't panic!, its only a PIN lock, tap unlock---type PIN 1111. U can disable or change PIN later in Settings--Phone--SimPin.


Friday, August 10, 2007

MOSH: Nokia Dabbles Into Community Content Sharing

Free Image Hosting at

I just got a email from Nokia inviting me to beta test their new community site named MOSH which is an acronym for MObilize and SHare.

The site is similar to the very early versions of community sites where you can create a profile with uploaded picture, a tag line and a description -- IMHO it's not going to be an award winning profile but that's why it's still beta anyway.

The site basically allows you to upload and download Audio, Video, Applications, Games and Documents over the web, SMS/MMS and via WAP (The service is free but check your provider about download charges first). The maximum upload size is 100MB and so far it accepts almost any file type. Your content can be given a short description, categorized, tagged or added to a collection then finally shared either to public or just for yourself.

Aside from those features, the site is pretty much bare for now and having an unsatisfactory experience with Nokia Forum site, i don't expect MOSH to be any better. IMHO it will eventually be just another clone.

The site password is: ALLACCESS

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