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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Root Meeee: Linux Virtualization on WinXP

I had another itch to try something crazy so i tried installing a virtual OS on Windows XP.

I tried Ubuntu at first but my PC just couldn't take it and keeps on hanging so i settled for Damn Small Linux which is based on Knoppix/Debian. Im pretty pleased with its speed considiring im running it with just 5Gig Virtual HD and 128Mb Virtual Memory using QEMU. I can run in on background with all my usual heavy duty WinXP apps also running; keeping it at 11% CPU usage which is amazing considering im running an entire OS compared to some of my WinXP apps that takes up alot of CPU power by just idling.

Kudus to DSL and QEMU developers!


Richard said...

can you send me a copy of the wallpaper you used in your linux installation... hehehe... the one with the word "root me"... bwahehehehe..

thanks. send me an email
chard at pinoyportal dot com

godieYOSI said...

It's at:

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