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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The gods and their beasts!

It's been a while since my last post because I couldn't find enough time for it -- for now this little update will have to suffice.

The date has been finalized, we're off to down under this March 25th to meet with the Melbourne technical team. It took longer than expected but I have been busy on fire fighting lately -- that's what we call it when we fix a system that's terribly bugged down -- rather than having a vacation before facing the next beast.

It's not like me to slack off anyway, I wouldn't probably enjoy any vacation at this point, I'm too thrilled to start creating the new beast :)


Yes, just excuse my poetic license for a moment.

Since I started working with the IT industry I never had an easy one, the projects I was assigned to were always monstrous in proportions. This is probably why I enjoyed my career so much, like gods, our creations where only limited by imagination -- In my case I create monsters; beautiful monsters!

Everything usually starts from a something huge, complex, and scattered then I'm tasked to piece them all together then it will be expected to do something never heard before. I also had a project to make a Frankensteins look and behave like prince charming and finally I would never forget the time when I was tasked to make an elephant dance a ballet.

Well, I couldn't really post the names of these projects but if you're laughing right now you probably know them.

But thats the beauty of it, the audience never see the monster but just an elegant looking creature doing perfectly what they wish.

This post dedicated to the guys at FApps, farewell but we will meet again soon enough.

-- Updates: 03-05-07

Ok, nothing is perferct. Our departure was moved to April 12th, at the moment were "benched", i can't say I'm not glad being paid for doing nothing but victories are still sweeter if won by a good fight :^)


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