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Friday, August 10, 2007

MOSH: Nokia Dabbles Into Community Content Sharing

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I just got a email from Nokia inviting me to beta test their new community site named MOSH which is an acronym for MObilize and SHare.

The site is similar to the very early versions of community sites where you can create a profile with uploaded picture, a tag line and a description -- IMHO it's not going to be an award winning profile but that's why it's still beta anyway.

The site basically allows you to upload and download Audio, Video, Applications, Games and Documents over the web, SMS/MMS and via WAP (The service is free but check your provider about download charges first). The maximum upload size is 100MB and so far it accepts almost any file type. Your content can be given a short description, categorized, tagged or added to a collection then finally shared either to public or just for yourself.

Aside from those features, the site is pretty much bare for now and having an unsatisfactory experience with Nokia Forum site, i don't expect MOSH to be any better. IMHO it will eventually be just another clone.

The site password is: ALLACCESS


Punjabi Shayari said...

very nice information.. thanx for sharing...

VrFranKs said...

Agr Qismat Mein Sub Kuch Likh Diya Jata...

Dua Mangna Na Sikhata..


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