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Monday, October 01, 2007

Cribz on final development stage.

I'm very excited now; Cribz -- a mobile social site I was working on for the longest time is on it's final development stage. It promises a lot to integrate Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 by introducing community contents to mobile and mashing up with existing Web 2.0 providers such as Gmail, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Twitter, Digg,, Google Maps, 30boxes, MyBlogLog and Flickr.

Here are some teaser-shots :D

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Notice we blocked out the URL of the demo site and were using a stock theme (oh yes, we built it using Drupal!) On the far right column is the login box with option to authenticate using Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, or Facebook. What this does is cut down the registration process for validating users -- say bye bye to authentication mails that never gets into you mailbox for some weird reason.

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This one shows the user profile, which is you home where it list all your recent and top rated contents and the messenger.

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Now this is the interesting part but we don't want to disclose at the moment -- try figuring it out and leave comments :D


godieYOSI said...

We left a clue on how to find the beta site of Cribz. Find us and register for your free account and get the initial full access to all the features which we will not be offered to newly registered users during the launch!

Punjabi Shayari said...

i want to free account for this..

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