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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Smart wants to suspend Twit2948 for all their users only. How smart is that?

For those who are using SMART, register now to TWIT2948 because we will be suspending registration for Smart only soon.

This is due to the fact they (Smart) have requested it, maybe they want to make their own? Well for our sake, they do better make it quick!

So please register now or be left behind! Those who have registered already, they will still be able to use TWIT2948 (i hope). I will try to keep the registration for Smart open for as long as possible (until I get the official notice).

Registration for Globe and Sun users will be kept open.

Alternatively you can sign the petition here:

Please check out also PinoyTwitters community page to show your support.

Happy twitting!


I realized that I gave something for free but caused me more trouble than appreciation. Is this how Philippine businesses going to end up eventually?

And for those asking: "If you're really doing it for free will you do it for us? "

My answer: Of course! I already got out of the mobile industry because I was tired dancing to the tunes of the Telcos. If you're willing to take the heat then show me your platform is easy to build stuff on (can I build stuff on it under 200 lines of code?) and whenever I have free time I will build something on it! For free!

---- UPDATE ----

Registration for new Twit users using Smart Telecoms is now suspended indefinitely, unregistered users will receive an "Invalid Keyword" reply. Smart users, don't send complaints here/to me. Send it to the online petition form or to your provider since its their fault.


Anonymous said...

hi godie,

we're working on a mobile social network that has that functionality (plus more) that's launching soon. maybe you can help? contact me at if you're interested. thanks.


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