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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blog.Gears Standalone

Im a fan of Google since most of their services truly enhances the way we live in this technological era. A few months back i was looking for a Blogger client and most preferably with an offline and sync capabilities. However there is none available for windows and some costs a lot without even fully supporting Blogger.

Then I stumbled into Blog.Gears which is an offline Blogger tool, unfortunately this tool was only developed to demonstrate the capability of Google Gears. I also found out that it doesn't run as a standalone desktop application. But since i really wanted to be able to blog offline I ripped the sample app from the Google site and hosted it in my local web server. This for sometime has been my source of blogging joy and I wish to share this to all Blogger users also. However, the main problem is the requirement to install a web server such as IIS or Apache which makes it cumbersome or even technically difficult for some.

So I made some research for the lightest HTTP server that will run on windows and found sHttpd. Finally I made a batch file launcher and edited the application a bit to include some information on how to effectively use the app.

Now you can download Blog.Gears Standalone Edition and enjoy offline blogging.

Note: The archive is in Zip format and the password is


Dean said...

I prefer Windows Live Writer. []

Dexter said...

I agree with Dean I am a long time user of Windows live writer..

godieYOSI said...

I used Windows Live Writer too for some time but it needs to be installed. I needed something that is portable as well.

Fjordan Allego said...

wow! try ko nga to... hehehe

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