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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wuala is the new P2P, long live the warez!

I was recently invited to try out Wuala by AJ, it poses as a file backup, sharing and social network service but upon further inspection its basically a P2P application. The great thing about it is that files are distributed on the cloud and users can 'sell' their idle hard disks space to other users.

You can find a step by step installation guide for Wuala at AJ's blog.

First thing I did after installing and sign-up is find warez; and without fail... I found ThePirateBay!


Wuala, thank you. Long live the warez!

If you need invites, please leave a comment.


kyrillos said...

Do you have a more detailed review about this? would like to try it out. Additional information would be helpful!

kiwiboi said...

just send me a short message to my email for a Wuala invite

kiwi78 @

godieYOSI said...

Invite feature seems to have a problem at the moment on my office network. Will send invites later at home X_X

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