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Monday, November 10, 2008

Fallout 3

Just wanted to share my Fallout 3 “Family” picture taken at my Tenpenny Tower Suite. From the left I have Charon who is a Ghoul from Underworld; in the middle is my female character wearing the T-51b Power Armor which I recently stole from Fort Constantine (and launched the ICBM while there). Lastly the hovering bot is Godfrey, my butler!


Anyway if you’re like me who has grown fond of a companion and would hate to see them die (cause of the limited way to control them), below are some cheat codes!

Press ~ (tilde) then enter: SetEssential <code> 1


Jericho – a71
Charon – 156f6
Clover – 156a2
RL3 – 9426e
Dogmeat – 6a772

To end this post I leave you this little “ahem” token :D



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