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Friday, March 31, 2006

Google TV!

We’ll not quite there yet but if you want a preview how will Google TV looks like then check out where Google produces segments about top searches from Google Search.

Amazingly after watching the first two segments i was hooked, its more entertaining than your usual TV programs. Why? Because its current, its what people are all digging about in the web. This is the most effective use of media reconstruction phenomena that drives sites such as Digg and Slashdot.

Now if only Google has:

1. Froogle TV – TV shopping network featuring Froogle products. Then you can purchase via the web too. Fantastic, it will totally nuke E-bay.
2. Google News – 15 minute digest of all the top news, I bet this will kick CNN off its butt :)
3. GoogleSpace – more like Orkut + Google Video. A Segment about personals where they let users create their own videos about the things they like or do then. It should feature also the top preference for Celebrities, Favorite TV shows, Books.. and the list never ends.
4. GoogleLifeStyle – Segment based on Google Local where fine places in your locality is featured and it had to show it in Google Maps.
5. Google Earth TV – Segment about Travel Guides using Google Earth as the tour guide.
6. Google Tech – segement like MSDN TV, it would feature gadgets, scientists, great people of the opensource revolution and even the guys that work there at Google.

What would Google TV go afterwards? We’ll if Ipod can have WIFI, Google can broadcast these all to Ipod users with Google’s Free WIFI Project as a subscription.

You like that dont you? :)

Note: The host Conor Knighton is hillarious.

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