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Monday, March 20, 2006 has joined GoogleTalk Federation

To all Google users, you can now access the Txtmokko - Google Talk IM trial service. This will enable users to forward SMS to Google Talk and hopefully to AIM, MSN,ICQ, Skype and Yahoo! (as soon as Google Talk Federation is on the way).
For this trial you can chat with via Google Talk, its an information bot that can answer some questions about Txtmokko. The servers were having a maintenance tonight till morning so i wasn't able to integrate it with Txtmokko's SMS messaging right away. To start just add to you contact list
Pls enjoy chatting with the bot, if you don't have Gmail then its probably time you get one! Email me so I can give you an invite -- I have 97 invites to give with 2.7+ Gig of email space and now with SMS-IM + chat bot from Txtmokko
You can reach me via SMS just text:
MSG GODIE <place your message here>
then send 2948 for Globe/Sun and 3940 for Smart.
You like to have this too? Register at
All messages cost Php2.50, Philippines only.


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