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Friday, April 14, 2006

Windows Live OneCare: What virus you want installed today?

I was feeling adventurous today so I went beta hunting, I ended up at and I found this front page ad about Microsoft Live OneCare. Being a fan of cutting edge technology I was excited with the prospect to be one of the first users to try it out.

Like any good user would do, I checked out the systems requirements first to see if it runs on my old Windows machine, well good enough its on the guide's Step #1 then... WTF!?!

"Step 2. Uninstall other antivirus and firewall programs"

Has MS been on dope!!? I tried to read again, maybe I'm still half-awake after an all-nighter work.. noooooo. It even goes worst than that:

"Antivirus and firewall programs known to conflict with Windows Live OneCare:"

* Symantec Norton Internet Security 2005
* Symantec Norton Antivirus 2005
* Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2005
* McAfee Internet Security Suite 2005
* McAfee VirusScan 8.0/2004
* Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005

Ok this is crazy! These are the best anti-viruses available on the market, what is MS thinking of? Ok so what's their suggestion on how to protect myself:

"You do not need to uninstall Windows Firewall, which is a component of the Windows operating system and cannot be removed. It does not conflict with Windows OneCare; in fact, Windows Firewall provides basic firewall protection while you are removing the old software and installing Windows Live OneCare."

Great! I'll be left protected virtually by nothing but a useless firewall that i don't even use. I think this new product's motto is: "Windows Live OneCare: What virus you want installed today?"

Ok Microsoft Live OneCare Beta, i hope you just stay that way forever. i can't even start to imagine what it would want me to uninstall when it comes out of Beta.



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