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Monday, May 15, 2006

Mobile content could 'choke the Internet'?

Slashdot has an article about the possibility of HD Video choking the Internet but this is not just the case since internet contents are also starting to pop-up into the mobile segment.

Unlike internet, mobile  has higher market penetration rate which means more people will likely access content via mobile phones. Since the ratio of mobile phone to user is commonly 1:1 (its highly unlikely 2 people will share viewing a content on phone in close range due to its viewing size) compared to TV which is 1:many viewers, this mean the number connections downloading content will undoubtedly shoot-up; not to mention since mobile phone has a limited storage capacity most of these contents are accessed via stream format.

However there maybe a short-term solution by caching contents on servers acting as super-nodes similar to P2P technology. Adapting this technology to normal web traffic will also lower access-time and content download failures; now the biggest question will be: who will pay for setting up the super-nodes?


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