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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Unlimited SMS promo: Telcos may get sued for price hike?

Only here in the Philippines, the 'text' capital of the world where SMS is as basic necessity as food:

Protest banner from TxtPower (emailed)

A consumer advocacy group called TxtPower, who is determined to protect the rights of Filipino SMS users, has filed a petition on the National Telecommunications Commission last Feb 5, 2007 to stop the 100-150% increase of Globe Telecom's unlimited sms promo. To give time for TxtPower to argue its position, the NTC released a price-hike suspension order but unfortunately Globe ignored the order which promptly caused TxtPower to declare in outrage a boycott against the the said telco. Finally will NTC conduct a public hearing between TxtPower and Globe tomorrow 2 PM at its office on Quezon City to resolve the issue.

Back story:

SUN Cellular was the first to be awarded by NTC and DTI a permanent permit for its unlimited SMS promo. Later on the same permit were awarded to Globe and Smart Telecoms after they pledged to offer the same unlimited SMS promos permanently.


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