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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Internet based voting is simply stupid!

This is in response to blog post Imperatives Of Electronic Voting, it details the plan to conduct Overseas Absentee Voting via the Internet. You might want to read it first before proceeding.

Reading the Scytl's "How it works", its clear the level of security is very low. Come on Scytl, web base voting over Internet? A script kiddie can do better than that!

If its running via a bootable BlueRay/HDDVD based LiveCD then there would be some hope. Why? Read more on BlueRay/HDDVD's hardware based key for disc/data encryption. From there you can achieve the minimal controlled environment for your system to run, you can even use Xbox 360 with HDDVD and it will run with a lot more security compared to any PC! Eventually secure systems only works on controlled environment and there is no way to completely secure a system once it connects to the Internet, that's the cold clear fact.

Finally, Security is just a pseudo-term for insurance companies which basically says they guarantee a certain risk-level ratio to cost. This means we cant totally blame Scytl, It seems our budget can only afford the unsecured system.

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