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Sunday, April 08, 2007

You can't fight against the world.

This is another long overdue post, right now I'm still on bench while waiting for our departure to Australia on the 12th and hopefully it won't get delayed again -- not that I don't enjoy pays without work but I'm already too excited to visit the down under... and see the kangaroos!

First, some updates on the world of mobile:

Google lauches Google Voice Local Search, now you can call Google and find the nearest StarBucks for free, this seems familiar...yep, its similar to my post at MC regarding VoiceXML and search.

Mobile IM war is out! Mundu IM is being featured on MC which allows you to chat your buddys at YM, MSN, ICQ, and GTalk. But before jumping in into the band wagon, you might want to consider my reply to the post:

"... Another interesting developement is that Telcos are cutting down services that offers IM to SMS while mobile IM’s GPRS rates has been increased; this decision were recommended by the Revenue Assurance department after finding out that Telcos has been losing revenue in International SMS because of IM to SMS and mobile IM service."

There are other ways to play the mobile IM war, although we know content is king but its the community that decides.

Finally, a Happy Easter to All!

PS. It's strange that I haven't heared of LG chocolates for Easter yet ^_^


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