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Saturday, April 28, 2007

PHPUGPH Grand EB: Reporting on site - Lessons


I give my praises to Clod, he did very well in organizing the event -- all hands claps after he presented the PHPUGPH introduction as the opening remarks. Then he introduced the sponsors of the event; Mr Robert Locke introduced Mobius and their products followed by the presentation of from sponsor announcing its upcoming site features.

These were quickly followed by topic speakers Mr Reuben Ravago on LAMP, Sir Reuben walks the audience through the _why_use_LAMP_ presentation but equally presents alternatives to the LAMP stack.

Jerome Gotangco presented UBUNTU to the audience and gives lots on info on and personal tweaks on how to setup a PHP development environment using UBUNTU.


aj said...

cool! :)

Andre John said...

sabi ko kay Sir Reuben may
nakalimutan sya: WIMP!
(Windows, IIS, MySQL or

ha ha!!! :P

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