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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Working in Australia, Pt 3 Last

We're back!

Actually we arrived last June 6th but I was so busy at work that I haven't posted about our arrival sooner.

Anyway this is the last part of the post with all the photos we took during our final Melbourne city tour.

On that day we had Chris' friend and ex-boss guide Joan us, from Flinder's station we first visited the famous Queen Victoria Market where we shopped for souvenirs at very low prices, you can almost get everything here for under 10 AUDs! I would advise to look around first before buying, we banged our hears a couple of times because we jumped into buying what we thought was the cheapest deal we could get only to find a cheaper deal a few meter's away; most of them are from Chinese merchants so find them all first before buying.

After the frenzied shopping we had our lunch at a nearby Asian restaurants before proceeding to Red Square which is on the opposite east of Flinders station where an on-going European cultural expo is being held.

After a quick picture-taking session near the river banks we decided to be adventurous and wonder further into the city, so we took a tram going to the Docklands to visit the New Waterfront City and see the big boats for the big guys.

The place is awesome, we saw the Sea Shepard which is a vessel of the non-profit environmental group that helps protect the waters of Australia. She was a battle-scared boat but loved by many who treasures the great oceans. Also near it, we had fun climbing the modern sculptures made of metal tubes (yes, its allowed).

Finally we wondered the Waterfront's wooden board-walk, watched Australian football shown at the big screen TV (really big) while Chris manage to eat chocolate ice-cream while the weather is actually freezing cold!

After seeing the magnificent sunset, we decided to head home but we couldn't resist stopping by the nearbly Warner Bros store to take pictures with our idols :)

We had lot's of fun during our last city adventure at Melbourne, thanks to our lovely tour guide Joan (picture below). Dear Joan, we promise if you ever visit us in the Philippines we will be glad to be your tour guide. We promise we will let you ride all you can on the Jeepneys rather than walking. Ok? :)

Finally we would like to thank all the people of OnQ and BillExpress Limited for inviting us, we had a great time working with you all, especial thanks to David P, David Q, Ian McKenzie, Namith, Radj (my yosi partner!), the guys from SysTime, and Charlie who spent about an hour explaining to me all the stuff we need to know :)

My thanks to Chris who took most of our picture because my camera-phone basically discharges so fast due to cold weather :)


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