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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mixing work and pleasure

Wow, I've been stuck behind the desk for a week now but we all know that all bits of sacrifice always pays-off; any time you can save on the start of a project could be the basis of its success or failure. Well, that should be enough self-excuse for not blogging :) But the week was not entirely lost to work...

Last Tuesday we attended a victory party of Sen. Kiko, we arrived late but it's the thought that counts. We were only able to catch Gary V., render his inspiring songs to audience and convey his congratulations to the senator.

Videos below was taken using my phone, sorry it was so blurry due to low battery (TIP: always keep your camera-phone fully charged, you won't know when an inspiring event worth taking videos may come):

and the fireworks surely help lighten up the crowd (over 500!); made me regret more why I didn't kept my phone charged :(

The event faded to lots of chats, we couldn't even move a meter without bumping into someone we knew! I was also glad to meet Sen. Kiko's bother who spent most of his time at our table mostly discussing...not politics... but mostly I.T. stuff! :)

In the end of the event, we had to move into another place to continue the chats until 3AM when the place we moved into have to close for the day as well. Finally last congratulations were said before finally going home.

Anyway, I have to keep this post short for now. Yes, yes, i know.. I haven't posted anything about mobile again but soon enough I'll post something exclusive about a new service and it's up to you decide if its hot or not :)

Happy weekends!


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