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Friday, July 06, 2007

iPhones Cracked (Unlocked)

So it's finally out and tons of blog posts are out there detailing every bits of it, mostly good and some bad. But for every new fantastic gadget released, the main question is always... can it be cracked?

Let's see...
DVD - cracked.
BlueRay / HDVD - cracked.
Xbox 360 - cracked.
PSP - cracked.
Windows Vista - totally owned :D
Mac OSX - cracked.
iPod - cracked.

and now iPhone ... ofcourse its cracked!

We'll, its actually more like AT&T got pwned.. there are about 4 ways to activate iPhone without needing to be tied to the plan.

One of the most effective so far is the crack presented by Jon Lech Johansen a.k.a DVD Jon on his blog. The technique uses a patched iTunes and a false activation server; i was totally impressed with the speed it was cracked.

However there is a small difficulty for non-techie users to apply the patch to iTunes which involved editing the executable file using a hex editor so i came up with a small C# console application to patch it called IPhoneCrackItunePatch.

To use the app, just run it on command prompt with the full path to iTunes.exe as the parameter, it defaults to C:/Progra~1/iTunes/iTunes.exe without parameter.

This app is totally untested so back up your iTunes.exe before patching (coz i don't have an iPhone)! I disclaim all liabilities to using this patch, I only used DVD Jon's own offsets and values so don't ask me what they meant :P

Btw, I would like to thank for the wonderful binary converter used by this patch.

BTW, this patch can also be used to patch other programs as long as you know the offset and the value required, feel free to use the code on what so ever C# project you have :)

DVD Jon's Crack to iPhone.

Alternate way to activating iPhone.

Download IPhoneCrackItunePatch (Full Source Codei).


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