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Monday, November 26, 2007

TWIT2948 under criticism by Telcos

I got an email from Txtdomain saying my Twit2948 service is under review after a Telco has criticized its legitimacy. Here is my reply:

Is it Free?
TWIT2948 is a service under OrgText and upon signing up we can create any group and assign a keyword but we still have to pay the mandatory 2.50/sms. It is not free.

Is it affiliated to Twitter?
No. It is not endorsed by Twitter at all. I developed this using the open Twitter API found here: So I really don't care if you create another mobile Twitter or even a better one as long as mine is at 2948 with keyword TWIT (Im not even using the keyword TWITTER here just to be safe).

Who owns TWIT2948?
I own it! I'm only using the OrgText service which is available for anyone who wants to create a mobile service for their community and the API is accessible via I can run it where ever I want too, its not exclusive to Txtdomain or OrgText at all.

So Twit isn't owned by TechBiz Asia?
No, this is mine. I work for TechBiz Asia but it doesn't mean everything I do is a product of my company. We are free to create our own product as long as it does not compete with any other product of TechBiz Asia. Finally to just clarify - this Blog belongs to me personally. What I write here doesn't reflect the opinion of any company I work for.

So there you have it, this is a legit service with legitimate VAS rates! Use it at your own discretion.

It is not my fault that the Telco's are incapable to create their own services such as Twit2948 even though the APIs are available and the only way they are countering this innovation is targeting my provider to stop my service.

I intend to create more services in mobile using these open API and I dare anyone in the Telco industry to follow this suit. In the end it is not for us who creates these services but for the good of the end users; giving them more options -- better, cheaper and faster.


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