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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google Friend Connect on Blogger Hack

My Friend Connect account got approved a few weeks back but I was not able to use it until today because of the busy work and holiday schedules. So the first thing I wanted to do was add this to my Blogger blog but it seems Google left some cryptic hints on how to actually do this especially how to upload the two (2) required files for Friend Connect.

I immediately searched for a hack and found a very simple one, you don’t need to upload those two files for Blogger. Just proceed with the verification and it should find those files already included in your blog.

You can now then create a widget and add it via the Layout > Page Element page as an HTML/Javascript gadget.

Feel free to join this blog using the Friend Connect widget on the right navigation panel.


googlefriendconnectblog said...

welcome to GFC blog

ACC 12 said...

Thanks for the tips - I have seen the same confusion. Seems less intuitive than the typical Google stuff. Maybe they are playing catchup??

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