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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Send Free SMS from your email to Globe, Smart and Sun* Mobile phones

I have received an emailed press release today regarding yet another FREE SMS service offering from MegaMobile Inc. The letter reads:

Dear Family and Friends,

We've just come out with a simple and easy to use messaging service that allows anyone with an email to send FREE SMS text messages to any Globe, Smart and Sun* mobile subscriber. This is especially useful and, more importantly, cost-saving for our Kababayans abroad who need to get in touch with friends and family this Holiday Season. So, forward this email to your egroups and mailing lists.

*in the works, service on Sun coming soon!

How to send SMS from your email:
1) Type in the recipients' (To:, cc:, bcc:) mobile in this format <cellphone number> (example:
2) Write your SMS message as you would an email.
3) Send!

Note: Don't forget to save your recipients' mobile "email" address in your contacts list so it will be easier for you to send and compose future sms emails. I've attached a screenshot of how this might look like.
Conversely, you may also send SMS from your mobile phones to any email address. How to do it:

1) Compose an SMS message in this format: M2M <recipient email address> <Your Message>
Example: M2M When are you coming up with a better Iphone?!
2) Send to 2948

Try it out yourselves and tell your friends about it.
Enjoy the holidays!


Sample Mail2Mobile

We'll there is no more excuse not being able to greet everyone a Merry Christmas this year!


My Videoke said...

Is there a fee for the message's receiver?

arrench said...

Very nice. I think there's no fee for the receiver. Correct me if I'm wrong though. :)

godieYOSI said...

Its free to receive!

Ronald said...

does MegaMobile have a limit of usage for their service? a "Terms of Use" article or something like that? I tried to send sms to my phone and i learned that I can only receive up to 3 messages per day.. here's the catch, if i setup 3 mails, then i can send upto 9 sms per unique number.. or if i have 20 email accounts, then i can send up to 20x3 (60) free sms to any mobile phone.. would it be spamming then? i mean, it would flood their network...

godieYOSI said...


No, I think that will still be OK. You can just use a domain and send all you want with all the email address you can create.

It does have spam blocking so just make sure your mail server has correct reverse DNS entries.

Tonio said...

this is great ;) just tried it now.. I wonder why it's not generating much buzz yet

Joven said...

I want to use this for email forwarding. I put it on my gmail account to forward any emails to I tested it but I did not received any email to my phone. But if I tried to send a regular email, I can receive it.

Why is that so?

godieYOSI said...


Make sure you have authenticated email address. M2M will send you a email with a link to a page wherein you will need to validate a 4-letter captcha. Once you have done this, all forwarded messages should work.

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