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Friday, February 13, 2009

uLink ups the ante for free SMS


Miguel sent me this buzz regarding uLink with a tag-line “Be unique with uLink”. It turns out to be site for sending Free SMS to Philippine networks! Yes bring free SMS more.


On Join Mobile Freedom

According to the review from, the service is totally free but with an inclusion of advertising link from uLink. To quote:

“The only con that I can think about this Free Philippine SMS Service is that the message that your friend receives is quiet long, containing advertisement from uLink, but, hey, it’s better than paying for a simple text, am I right? And besides, the advertisement that is included in the text you send is for the promotion of their website and probably to get the Free SMS Service better as the demand grows.”

Hey its FREE, I don’t careless if you add up the entire news paper front page.

On Protecting Your Freedom to Communicate.

What does this mean? Dear telco, your monopoly for control on communication is dwindling. Evolve or be left behind. What I’m trying to point out is; telcos should be agnostic and neutral just like how internet ISP works which only provides the means of communication but does not control the content. Some might react - “are you serious? How about spam and scams?”

Hell, let NTC do the policing because they don’t do anything useful anyway! Spams and Scams are natural path of evolution, just like when Internet started there was a lot of scams and spams (the entire dot net boom was a scam if you ask me). However people learn and there’s not much spam and scams floating on the net compared before.

So its your choice; let telcos say what’s good for you and stay ignorant or be free to create what’s good!

Note: Again people, this is not a service endorsement, I don’t work anymore in telecoms nor this is related to my current work. Just read the disclosure below already!


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