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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Predictions for 2007 and beyond: Revisited

It's a new year again and just like i promised on my Year 2007 predictions post, lets recap which came true and which didn't.

Last year I predicted:

1. Banking 2.0 - 60% came true.
There were a lot of new stuff in banking on 2007 such as Western Union Debt card, the Union Bank Eon card with Paypal support and banks have been heavily investing on EPS as well.

2. Content is King - 90% came true. was shutdown for allegations of distributing pirated contents which is totally untrue since most of its contents were from video hosting sites such as YouTube, Tudou, and Dailymotion. Although Tv-links do not host them, they were the number 1 destination of users looking for the newest movies and TV-series episodes because they we categorized properly and very accessible. It simply shows being king in content also mean people can access them easily.

3. The rise of the mashables - 100% true.
Facebook and OpenSocial two names that moved and proved this predictions. Do I need to say more?

4. The Gaming Word: "Massive" - 80% true.
Halo 3 and Wii is the best example for this category, Halo has not just enticed a lot of gamers to MMOG but spurred a lot of entrepreneurs such as providers of Halo gaming tutorials. Wii has brought MMOG from virtual to the real world, now friends can meet and play together which in gatherings called a Wii-party. Some MMORG has also initiated virtual advertising billboards like in RAN.

5. Philippine BPO Boom - 70% true.
More BPOs are now shifting to SEO since Pinoys are very good with word play and the adoption of blogging has been booming. Companies are now outsourcing bloggers to blog about their products.

Well in summary, 80% of my predictions in average have came true in some form which means there is still a lot of potential left to be explored for those who are looking for the next big thing.

Anyway be sure to visit back and check out my Predictions for 2008 and beyond which will be released soon!


arpee lazaro said...

i remember tv links, it was my happiness back then. it made my office's terabit connection mean something. but now, it's gone and all i have left is crunchyroll. ah, life can be so tough sometimes :-(

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