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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Having Problems with Globe?

More complaints are posted online by Globe users where users cant send sms but can receive them, cant load prepaid, some even claims having able to call for free -- I don't know why they complain about free calls tho :D

So what's happening?

The inside scoop is the southern network fiber optics cable of Globe was cut thus isolating most of Visayas network, especially the Cebu Globe data center. I already knew about this since Monday but we kept our mouth shut while quick remedies are being made.

Unfortunately the remedies seemed to have caused more problems than the original so more users started noticing the problem by mid-week and it also started to affect Globelines (Internet ISP) users as well -- I bet its due to the re-routing to mitigate the fiber optics problem.

I have not receive further information on the status of the problem since Monday which might mean its going to gets even bad before it gets better again.

Finally the cause of the incident is still undisclosed but theories between underwater earthquake severing the lines, sabotage by terrorists with submarines and the relation to Cloverfield monster is being discussed at the moment.


Ang Kuwago said...
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Ang Kuwago said...

Apparently, this was no isolated case. This phenomenon was even felt in Subic ( on 15Jan where users complained of absolutely no service. The effect was felt for days after but things seems to be stable now.

Anonymous said...
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