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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My secret life blog

I have been pondering for a long time if I should put up a life blog, exposing my life to the public ain't my cup of tea -- I hate personal publicity. This is basically the same reason I don't use my real first name. Strangers and friends alike calls me by my pen name: "Godie".

However last night I finally made up my mind, time to write about my life and the stuff that i really do; but there is one problem. My personal life revolves around the complicated world of secrecy, there are things i do that i cannot disclose for legal reasons. I must have signed already a couple dozen of NDAs and non-compete papers by the age 25; both on and off my day job.

So i made a blog that allows me to share my daily experiences as well as cast a cloud of obscurity to to things i must keep silent with while not totally taking them out of the story.

Please check out Musings of Cigarette Smoking Man and find out for yourself.


Ang Kuwago said...

Funny that we have the same dilemma. We must be from the same industry. But, I have finally thrown caution to the wind (well, not fully) in the spirit of sharing and artistic freedom. I still do exercise much caution in the use of real names and situations, and try to keep my posts limited to what I can speak about.

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