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Saturday, June 21, 2008

First True Mobile P2P Solution Developed in Philippines

MegaMobile Inc, a company of IPVG; announced it has developed the first true mobile P2P application running on Ericsson phones. It is called the Mobster and it has a motto -- "Share the love".

Before we dive into the app, let's first define what "true mobile P2P" means.

It simply means the P2P connection goes through the Telecom's standard 3G network and NOT via IRDA, WIFI or Bluetooth which is what other mobile P2P application. It is also fully implement the tracker server solution that P2P is well known with. Tracker servers allow users to publish and seed their shared content to the entire mobile P2P network without needing a server to actually host the files unlike to the file upload then file download transfer solution which is expensive to setup and difficult to maintain.

Mobile P2P gives users the power which content to share, whom to share and when to share and as mobile and Internet converges; this also means that every mobile user can also seed and share contents to Internet users and vice-versa.

Lastly, business-wise; this dramatically affects content VAS providers as it challenge existing business models on how mobile contents are licensed, distributed and monetized.

Now for the fun part. Check out the following demo video of the Mobster application in action.


This video shows the Mobster P2P application capability to publish list of shared content to the tracker server, allow a downloading client to search the tracker server for shared files and download it without intervention from the seeding user. Additionally it also implements P2P messaging just like most PC based P2P client -- it's always nice to have a way to send a thank you note to someone for sharing his/her stuff to us.


This second video demonstrate Ericsson's WeShare technology which allows user to exchange files while on a call. 

Imagine your in a middle of a business call and you need to share a document to your partner. Using Mobster WeShare mobile app, you don't have to separately send that document after the call. Just use the call time wisely and send the file so that when you are done talking on the phone, you also sent your partner the document he needed.

Finally, MegaMobile Inc is already developing an alternative server solution to Ericsson's WeShare. This allows the company an option deploy the solution independently of the Telecom operators which provides supreme flexibility and huge advantage compared to other mobile content VAS operators.


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