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Friday, June 20, 2008

Xoopit Teaches Google How To Make Gmail Right

Xoopit is a companion Firefox plug-in that turn Gmail in a social-sharing network. Xoopit scans your Inbox for Images, Videos and Files regardless if its an actual attachment of a link. The plug-in provides a additional views to view shared media and files in a gallery format without leaving Gmail. It also automatically shows all related media in respect to the current thread being read and the sender.

Check-out the screen shot of my Xoopit enhanced Gmail!



aj said...

You should see our udeko proof of concept way back 2004. :)

It's a mash of gmail, xoopit, and xobni... and more...

A co-founder even said "crazy thing to do"

And that was 2004.

godieYOSI said...

I think it the "timing" that's helping Xoopit succeed. Back then companies wouldn't even consider using Gmail for company mail. Now we even use Google Doc's for collaboration.

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