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Friday, September 19, 2008

Yahoo! Pipes

Today I manage to take a break from the usual and try something new so I decided to take on Yahoo Pipes for the first time. I know its been existing for sometime now but I haven't heard anything great about it yet... so maybe it's time to make something GREAT out of it.

My first impression after trying it out for the first 2 minutes is... How do I hell do that? Clearly its not for a programmer persona, accomplishing simple task takes so much steps. Anyway I decided to push through knowing that using UI for programming may actually dull my brain X_X

I decided I wanted to make an automated related search for every blog post I make. For example after I post this article about Yahoo! Pipes, it will make a search regarding the Title then take the keyword related to the article and dynamically replace all the words of the search result preview that matches the keyword into a link back to this post.

Sounds complicated? We'll in simple terms I'm making a blog-to-search-splog-PR-poisoning! :D

So click-and-click I go while cursing how can a simple 3-level nested loops can take so much steps to Yahoo Tubes but in the end here is the result:


I also found out Google Chrome is the best browser to create Yahoo Pipes (ironic) because when pipes starts to become complicated it takes a much more JavaScript processing to edit it.

If you want to take a look at the result then go to Related Links pipe page or subscribe to the Related Links RSS to see the keywords automatically gets replaced by a link to my blog posts.

So now what? Well I'm actually creating something more dangerous, a self-splogging splog by letting Yahoo Pipes post the related search result to a blog, automatically change keywords to links then letting the blog's RSS be taken-in as Yahoo Pipe's source and the cycle will never stop :D The key here is Yahoo Pipe's Term Extractor which tell's us what are the web-search keyword related to a phrase and the search engine's continuous change in search result even for the same keyword (coz the index gets updated continually).

Google said don't be evil but Yahoo Pipes like these will eventually poison the search results easily if abused... to the point that it could triple the amount of redundant web data in no time (aw, really?) X_X


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