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Saturday, September 13, 2008

TxtTayo! - A Facebook FREE SMS Messenger

First of all... It's been a long time since I announced a new service but it's not my fault! Blame it to my boss who wants to keep everything under wraps. Hehe. Anyway I have off the web-sphere for a long time for that matter and I want to celebrate my return with something new to offer, so here goes...

Introducing MegaMobile's TxtTayo FREE SMS Messenger for Facebook.

TxtTayo is is Facebook application on the web, it means you have to be a Facebook user to use this.


So what makes it different from Chikka or Sun iMessenger? TxtTayo allow you to send free SMS messages to your Facebook friends even if you don't know their phone number! Just think of the benefits using TxtTayo:

  • Keep your number anonymous, never have to worry about stalkers again.
  • Connect with friends abroad, let them send you messages from Facebook for free and you can reply back to straight from your phone.
  • Share with friends, invite your friends on Facebook to use TxtTayo so they can send you SMS for free!
  • Keep in control, allow only your true friends to send you messages not some fakester.
  • No keywords to memorize, it works like your second phone number.
  • No downloads required, most IM clients needs Internet anyway then why do you need to download it? Or why do you need another web site different from what you already use? Just login to your Facebook account!
  • No connection problem, TxtTayo is powered by Facebook so we don't have connection problems and will work with firewalls with zero configuration.
  • It's FREE, you're free to send via Facebook and Php2.50 to reply optionally via mobile for Globe and Smart. Php2.00 for Sun.

There you have it! Of course those are for regular folks, there are other ways to use TxtTayo. For example, you can create a Company Profile and let customers send you inquiries for free or send all of them updates of your new products for free!

Now are you excited to try TxtTayo? Click here to visit the TxtTayo Facebook application page to add it in your Facebook profile and start texting friends from free!

What's in the future? TxtTayo is going to evolve from being just an SMS messenger, as a matter of fact were evolving it beyond text messages and beyond anything that has been offered before. So watch out because "The Big Bad Godie is Back to Rock Your World!".


Sillimanster said...

Hi there,

Congrats to this wonderful tool. I haven't used this but afther this comment, I'm sure I will be. I have a question, I have a website ( that works just like twitter but with photos and groups, and I'm wondering if there is a way you could help integrate SMS to my website.


Anonymous said...

If you're not a facebook fan, you can also send free text messages to the Philippines via

godieYOSI said...


AFAIK MegaMobile Inc also provides SMS gateway access. You may inquire directly at 667-3332 during office hours.

Sillimanster said...

hi godieYOSI,

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a website that I can visit? Didn't make an overseas call yet at this time. Sila ba yung ginamit na service mo for TxtTayo?


godieYOSI said...


You can email Aris Villarin at

aris-at-mymegamobile-dot-com for your inquiries. TxtTayo is a product of MegaMobile; not mine. I just review them :D

Sillimanster said...

Thanks a lot godieYosi!!! I appreciate your help!

chathura said...

This works for me:

For Unlimited FREE SMS to Philippines

For Unlimited FREE Picture Messages to Philippines

Hope this helps.

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