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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Google Voice: Philippines makes FREE calls to US

This is probably the first hack for Google Voice allowing non-US residence to own a Google Voice Number!

Yes ladies and gents; I'm here in the Philippines (well outside US) but I was able to subscribe to Google Voice, get a legit US number, accept calls and SMS plus make calls to  US number for FREE*

What does this mean? It means a "Game Over" for Telco's international call revenue, NTC's ban on VOIP and don't forget Skype's market too!

... but that's not all, I'm also able to accept calls via Google Talk for FREE! This means that Google Voice + GTalk is inevitable!

(Note: picture edited to hide private numbers)

For now I'm keeping this hack a secret and this post is just for the record that "this is" the day Google Voice has been hacked. I'm still signing up for another Google Voice account and try record the entire hack in video as well as some demo calls (too sleepy right now at 4:31AM to do it X_X).

Finally before someone else blows up; I want to clarify that when I say "hack", I didn't break in and exploit something on Google's code. This is a business model hack by finding a way to circumvent current rules and using alternative routes to acquire legitimate way to sign up for the service.

Now time to sleep, I love Google XD ! Zzzz

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