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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Google Voice Hack: FREE Outgoing Call to US


Today I'm unveiling the most anticipated hack for Google Voice which I have shared during the 1st Google Technology Users Group Philippines (GTUG PH) meet-up.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get Gizmo account from, take note of your Gizmo SIP number.
  2. Download and install the Gizmo for windows app.
  3. Sign-up for number and use the following details details:
    - Account type = SIP
    - SIP phone number = Gizmo SIP number (no spaces,dash,parenthesis)
    - SIP proxy =
    Note: takes about 3 days to be approved, you will receive an email
    with your new US number. This will give you already an incoming call capability but no free outgoing calls, we need Google Voice for that.
  4. Reserve Google Voice account at, it takes about 5 days to get an invite.
  5. AFTER receiving both the IPkall Number and Google Voice invite,
    Download UltraSurf from You will need this to register for Google Voice since only US IP is allowed.
  6. Login to Gizmo5 desktop app then use UltraSurf proxy and sign-up for Google Voice account using invite link sent to your email.
  7. Use your IPkall US number when prompted by Google Voice.
  8. Confirm you have a US phone number by receiving a call on Gizmo5 app, type the security code from Google Voice site using the Gizmo5 app's dial pad. Just keep repeating to input the security code (usually 1 to 2 digits) with a short pause
    between attempts until it hangs up.
  9. Google voice will recognize the code and redirects the page to your
  10. Configure Gizmo5 call forwarding at settings, select
    option "If no answer on Gizmo5, ring elsewhere (Call Hunting)" and
    forward it your Gtalk account. Exit Gizmo5 desktop app.
  11. Using site call Google 411 at +18004664411, it
    will ring your Gtalk, accept and hear the tone ringing as it call the
    GOOG411 number. When you are able hear GOOG411 voice prompt then it
    means you have successfully configured Google Voice Hack and you will
    be able to make US calls for free and receive calls via GTalk.

I have not fully understood the Google Voice TOS but IMHO this hack basically fulfills all the requirements so you should be a legit user.

Feel free to send me feed backs!


theamazingchase said...

Hello. Do you have an update to this hack? has been acquired by Google and doesn't appear to be a valid URL.

godieYOSI said...

use the full url with WWW, naked domain name doesnt work.

This still works, using it everyday to call my boss' mobile (US Verizon) for about 2 hours for free. Free SMS to US too!

Aljiro said...


Do you have an alternative to Gizmo5?

It seems new accounts are not available.

Please and thank you.

Bruce said...

any other options aside from gizmo5?

un vrai ami said...

Seems like has been acquired by Google. I got into the Google Voice but I needed to forward the calls to my number but it doesn't allow international number forwarding, how do I forward calls to my Philippine number? What digits should I enter?

godieYOSI said...

You can use the gizmo mobile client via 3G or via Wifi if your phone has it.

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