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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Google Voice Hack for mobile users

Last week I unveiled the Google Voice Hack which all allows non-US users to register and call US for Free from GTalk. Today im going to share another trick how to use this hack for mobile after a reader sent me the following e-mail:

Your blog about Google Voice hacks
8:18 AM (15 hours ago)

I have a Google Voice account and live in Japan. What software hack did you find to call to the US with this? I would really like to call my grandmother since she doesn't understand things like Gtalk or Yahoo Messenger, and my cellular phone costs too much.


Michele (last name hidden)

Well currently Google voice supports Blackberry and Android but it goes through the native dialer so you can't use that to call for free when you're outside US. So here is the trick to bypass that:
  1. After using the Google Voice hack, use's Phone client to receive calls via SIP.
  2. Open your phone browser to
  3. from the site enter the US number you wish to call.
  4. It will then ring your's Phone client, answer it.
  5. Wait while it rings the US number and connects you.
  6. The US receiver doesn't need to use this hack, they will receive the call like any other ordinary local call via their mobile or land-line phone.
Take note however that this trick uses data rather than native call so depending on your phone subscription it should be lots cheaper compared to calling US as an international call. Finally if your phone supports WIFI connectivity then just find a free hot-spot and call for free!


bunny said...

excellent info buddy

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