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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The interview with me and myself

Ok kiddies a little bit of introduction before I start bitching all over the internet (I hope this one survives a few days before being taken down) :))

Ok let's start.

* Roger sits down at his desk with the PC in front and starts to interview his alter-ego.

Roger: Hello, can we start with the interview?

Godie: Sure, oh wait.. give me a sec, somebody PM'd me.

Roger: (great start huh? I think I need a smoke...)

* after a while...

Godie: Ok I'm ready.

Roger: Great. Now first of all tell us your name and something about yourself.

Godie: My name is Godie from the Philippines, a 20 something geek working as a mobile specialist for 3 years already. I'm also involved in outsourcing which includes security and banking for both local and international clients. In my personal life I'm single but I'm very well taken tho -- I have to state this on record because she might read it eventually :))

Roger: Ha-ha. For the record I'm well taken too, I don't want to end up sleep at the office too :))

* laughs

Roger: Tell us more about your personal side. Do you have any hobby?

Godie: I like sketching as a personal hobby and I even use to compete during my younger days.

Roger: You say "younger days", when was that exactly?

Godie: Like when I was in high schools :) ha-ha. They say I was a prodigy or something shit like that.

Roger: Prodigy of whom?

Godie: I guess of myself, I think my style was so unique nobody wanted to put me under their wings to teach me. It a BS was of saying I suck big time :))

Roger: Ha-ha. So what happens afterwards?

Godie: When I started on college I took up BS Compushit and I got busy so I didn't have more time to pursue sketching. You know how college is, there's just too many to do.

Roger: Yes I know I been like that on college days, so you studied a lot then. What subjects you were hooked into?

Godie: It was biology and human anatomy. Those were my favorite so I even stayed late at school to study.

Roger: I thought you're into Compushit and stuff like that?

Godie: Yeah, but I was hooked to those subjects because my lab partner was a damn hot chick -- oh boy was I hooked :))

Roger: You dawg! :))

* laughs again

Roger: But you turned up well somehow and now your a specialist in your field.

Godie: Yes I guess all that cheating paid off :) im kidding. Its a lot of hard word but i enjoyed it so for me its fun.

Godie: When I eventually started on my thesis that's when I worked on internet and networking. Then I got a job on an ISP and phone company while working on my thesis, that's where I developed my curiosity towards technology involving communication.

Roger: I see, that's why you're into mobile now. So tell me what have you been up to in this field so far?

Godie: Well I really started on mobile when I went to our city campus to take up some "back" courses. Remember I said I was hooked to other course and I neglected some essential ones so I have to make up for it if I wanted to really pursue my curiosity communications technology.

Godie: So I went there and I needed some bucks to supplement my financial for the study. So I got a job in a mobile firm, those days were the boom of mobile technology and everyone was hooked into cell phones. It was crazy, we created a lot of value added service that most of the time didn't make sense but people are willing to try it because of the hype.

Roger: Yes, I was also hooked into that hype.

Godie: Anyway the work got time consuming and I had to drop my back courses. My mom was furious but hell I'm not going home so she can't spank me :))

Roger: I'll spank you then!

Godie: Ha-ha. Anyway after a few months I transferred to another company. It's smaller than my previous company and it's an upstart.

Roger: So why the transfer?

Godie: I like the challenge and I get to head the projects full time. I have no regrets; we have developed out company with a reputation to be one of the most feared by competitors. In a year's time we had affiliates on Africa and a few months after we opened another company specializing on content.

Godie: We also made history to be the first firm to aggregate content directly from abroad. I guess that spawned more interest on aggregating content providers abroad to be used here locally and vice-versa.

Roger: That's impressive.

Godie: Yes that's when I earn the title specialist. Outsourcing jobs also helps; I got the chance to handle banking, security, and network. My client goes as far as Germany on this area but it still prefer working on company projects since its much rewarding seeing it launched and people using it. You can even hear people talk about it at Starbucks so I feel proud.

Roger: I guess you will feel like a celebrity?

Godie: I just like keeping a low profile and I hate that entire BS about the celebrity status.

Roger: But you're the specialist that must attract a lot of attention?

Godie: "Specialist" is a fancy term for saying no body knows what they are doing and so those who claim to know these stuff their words became law.

Roger: Amen! :))

Godie: Worship meeee :))

Roger: I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy :))

* laughs and more non-sense about being god and all that shit. After 15 minutes.

Roger: Ok, some final questions. Tell me the What, When, Why, How about your blog.

What: This blog is about the BS that I get everyday from my work, community, government and personal life.

Why: I'm always fond of reading blogs but I haven't had the time to make one. I did have a blog before called "god of the box" but it didn't go well tho. IMHO it's because it focuses too much on technology making it cold and dry for most people -- it lacks the aspect of humanity.

When: I started blogging 3 years ago. But like I said the first one is short lived. Then I started this one since I got spare time again to amuse myself

How: I write my blogs for myself. To amuse myself when I'm bored and keep an online diary about my thoughts and rants in everyday. Someday I'll look back to this interview and feel so sorry for bitching up but hey at least I don't have to repeat the same mistakes :))

* More non-sense follows then me a myself decided to go out and get some beer to continue more.


brainbox said...

hehe this is cool dude!

godieYOSI said...

my boss was amused too :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog . I don't really know a lot about Human Anatomy study or art, but that's just my 2 cents. Really great job though, Krudman! Keep up the good work!

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