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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Philippines in a State of Emergency

First of all, the following does not reflect the opinion of the company or companies I work for. The sole basis of these opinions is my experience and is neither financially nor politically motivated.

Early morning of February 24, 2006 the entire law enforcement and the military was place on "double red alert", blockades were place on routes in and out the metropolitan due to the Proclamation 1017 of the president to place the Philippines in a State of Emergency. You may read the full story at

A little spoiler to those reading this hoping for a deep and hard hitting political opinion, this post is not about which side is right or what principles are better than yours and mine. I'm here to ask the questions that most people will neglect to ask during this time.

Who profits by keeping us in mediocre political state? You may notice the Philippines is regularly being plagued by political turmoil since the 1986 EDSA revolution.

Let me first tell you about my fascination in magic. Magic is a term we use to describe something we don't truly understand, but for me I use this term to describe something I couldn't entirely see. Magicians' biggest secret is distraction, the ability to manipulate the audience to see only what the performer wants them to see and since we didn't see the entire trick it baffles our sense and logic thus we only ask the questions that the magicians wanted us to ask. Like when a magician makes a coin disappear on his right hand, we usually ask "How did he do that" or where did it go; but we didn't bother to ask what other things happened like what was the left hand doing during the act.

Now let's get back to our original topic and use magic as an analogy. Let's ask what was the intention of the magician why he need to create a trick so big that it would distract the president, the law enforcement, the politicians, the media, and the entire Filipino people? What past event's will be forgotten and over-shadowed by the current political crisis. What did the magician's left hand do? Who profitted?

Just my two cents worth.


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