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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sex with partners is critical to having good health

According to, scientific studies revealed that sex with a partner is 400% better than doing it alone (better than masturbation) because the body release a chemicals called Prolactin which gives us the "feeling" of satisfaction by countering the effect of another chemical called Dopamine which is released during arousal.

I researched the chemical Dopamine and it turns there were scientific studies pointing this chemical is critical for the brain to control movement and shortage of Dopamine in the body causes Parkinson's disease. Since Dopamine which is release during arousal is ritually needed by the body and Prolactin counters the effect of Dopamine. Therefore having sex with a partner is very critical to a person's health!

This means we should have regular sex with partners as much as excercise?! So what if you don't have a partner, should the Department of Health provide you with an affordable one (like generic drugs)?!

I like that idea :))


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