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Saturday, November 03, 2007

OpenSocial: Many sites... One API to rule them all !!!

OpenSocial is a joint project to create a universal API for all social sites by no other than Google of course. This is clearly a response to the growing interest on Facebook API that allowed full integration of third-party contents and widgets on FB.

Cramming not to be left out on this new revolutionary technology (basically all other social-sites lacks it), Google has partnered with all of them in an attempt to tip the balance to the dark side...err. ya, whatever O_o

Anyway, I already predicted this 3-4 years ago when we built the Friendster API using web services (what? ya, JSON wasn't standard on those days yet).

Hah, I told them so! Now whose your daddy?!!


Dennison Uy - Graphic Designer said...

Some very nice widgets you have here! Is it possible to post to Jaiku and Twitter at the same time? Teach me how :)

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