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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Wall has fallen: Smart Telecoms opens up its 3G network

Taste of freedom is sweet, after years of battling between control and the demand of its subscribers for more quality of service.

Smart has announced that it has opened all its ports allowing unrestricted access to the Internet.

What does this mean for Smart? Uptake on 3G usage and more cashing of course. We'll its not bad since an hour worth of 3G access cost 40 Pesos which cost a little bit higher that the fee on Mall based Internet Cafe. Still, the flexibility to actually go online anytime is what matter's most especially for those last minute twitting before going to bed ^_^

Original message below:

Hi ho listers,

I have it on very good authority that SMART 3G has begun a process of opening up those previously blocked ports this week :-) This should allow more mobile apps and standard Internet applications (on laptops and PCs tapped into the 3G/HSDPA network) that utilize certain protocols or ports to run.In the event that there are some apps that still don't run, I'd appreciate hearing about them. Just send me a private email tojimayson@gmail. com. These will be routed directly to Smart's network group.It would be good if you can list the application name and a short description of the problem.cheers,

jim ayson,
listowner, d' pilipin isayberspeys rebyu


Robin Lim said...

Actually, an hour of Smart 3G will cost P20 :)

jazzbo said...

As pointed out, at P10 per 30 minutes, it's P20 per hour, not P40. Do the math, it's well within the Internet cafe rate spread.

godieYOSI said...

That's strange, Im charged P20/30min.

Is there a difference if you're a pre-paid and post-paid user?

For the longest time Im a prepaid user and It charges P20/30min. Even if i just check my Gmail for 5min I still have to pay P20.

Anyway how could I could tell Smart that they are charging me the wrong amount since pre-paid users doesn't get billing statements.

On final not, how can we be sure that pre-paid users are billed properly? No.

That's my end user experience whatever Smart say so.

jazzbo said...

There's only one rate for prepaid and postpaid. It's P10 for 30 mins. As advertised, and as billed.

godieYOSI said...

I called the customer service, took a very long conversation. This is how the charging goes.

The first time you connect, thats charged P10, by the time you reach 30 minutes you are charged another 10 pesos even its just a second longer.

That's why the effective cost is P20/30min. They charge you before you even consume it!

Anyway that's how hidden charging is done, it seems to happen even for post-paid calls.

natalie1981 said...

Ooohh, this is good news for me. I can't access chikka on my office PC when I'm using my PDA as a modem. I'll try it out tomorrow and check if I could connect.

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