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Friday, January 05, 2007

Books on your mobile phones!

According to Textually, Japan has stepped up to be the first country to widely distribute novels via mobile phones written by mobile novelist (I'll call them mobelist). "The first mobile phone novel was written six years ago by fiction writer Yoshi, but the trend picked up in the last couple years when high-school girls with no previous publishing experience started posting stories they wrote on community portals for others to download and read on their cell phones". You can follow the rest of the story via Wired.

After reading this story I suddenly remembered the same thing posted about a year ago by Orlando Andico when he presented an idea of selling cheap novels via MMS (mms file). But just like my first mentor on business and marketing used to say: "Whenever you have a big new idea, you are alone, 10 other people in the world has the same idea.. It's a matter of who has the guts to do it". I guess the Japanese mobelists just beats us on that.


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