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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Firefox 3 Microformats will brings us to Web 2.5

If you think you're Web 2.0 savvy then think again.

Mozilla designer Alex Faaborg published some introductory posts on his blog about where Mozilla Microformats which on his own words, he describes them as "adding semantics to markup to take it from being machine readable to being machine understandable."

Basically it means you can now use your browser to automatically aggregate data/data sources and publish them to any Web 2.0 application. Example, when ever you digg a news it will also automatically post the URL to your or whenever you subscribe to a blog feed the blog's URL will also be added to your blog roll. This functionality is so powerful it will definitely give birth to another genre of Web 2.5 (or we ready for Web 3.0?) applications; just like how RSS gave rise to Web 2.0

Now here is the fun part, imagine doing this on mobile, add a friend on myspace then it will also add your friend's mobile number to your contact list or subscribe to his mobile service. Now that's Mobile 2.0, its simply amazing!


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