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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Career change: Mobile 2.0 to Banking 2.0 ?

January 15th. That's my last day of my regular work for MegaMobile and FingerApps Inc, I'm not resigning from the company but from here on I'll be participating on consultancy basis. I'll be joining a banking company based on Australia with 2 other developers, the company and the nature of work is top secret for the mean time.

I decided to move on mainly to open more business possibilities for MegaMobile and FingerApps, both companies have grown so much in just under a year and the combined mobile technology is already far superior to the rest of local mobile firms. It's time to evolve.

Whenever I choose to work on a new company I would always consider the following:

1.) Will it be revolutionary - not just technically but business wise itself, it should be able to open new markets or revenue streams.

2.) Will it help people - I'm more interested on building services or tools that helps people to be more productive.

3.) Will my contribution be significant - working for money is easy but working for something you believe in is rare. I also have to gauge if my own talent can significantly improve the company's business.

4.) Will it leverage on my past accomplishments - Trying to reinvent the wheel is foolish, one must build on its previous achievements; refining it and evolving whenever necessary.

5.) Will it help my country - of course it has to be useful here in the Philippines.

Anyway be assured nothing will change on the blog, I'll stick on mobile 2.0 and Web 2.0 topics. I will post more updates about my new job later on and continue blogging from down under!


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