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Friday, January 19, 2007

Filipino Ingenuity: Taxi store!

I often hear from my 'gurus' the tales of how Philippines was so far ahead compared to the other Asian countries (the late 70's to early 80's) in term of technology, infrastructures and commerce. "It's called Filipino Ingenuity!" they say, "..its just in our nature to excel in anything given we have the opportunity". Unfortunately I wasn't born before 1980 so I didn't have the opportunity to experience it for myself; it's hard to grasp the idea we were that we we're so far ahead before but we're so far behind now.

Today, a very inspiring event transpired on my way to the office; me and my girlfriend took a cab and we were surprised to see inside lots of women's accessories hanging by its window .

Picture: Accessories for sale, shop while you ride a taxi!

"They're earrings from Hongkong..." said the driver, "I sell them to mostly to foreign tourist and they loved it -- they're selling for big bucks too but I sell them cheap to locals". He picked two sets and offered to show them to us, "they're marvelous...", my girl exclaimed; Indeed they are marvelous... and a marvelous proof of marvelous Filipino ingenuity!.

"Manong, you must be the first [Philippine] taxi driver to ever think of it" I replied with amazement; "You can start this and build a franchise just like Jolijeep! Keep it up". The driver smiled at our compliments and encouragements, we all know its true, it just takes a small opportunity for this type of enterpreneurship to succeed.

So whenever you're around Makati area, take a look around maybe you'll spot the roving taxi where you can buy great sets of accessories and be inspired at the same time.

[Note: Jolijeep is a restaurant on wheels that sells native street food delicacies and its very famous here in Makati.]


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