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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Google Phone!

Google and Orange are in the talks for creating the first Google Phone. Google who has vast expertise in data gathering and retrieval but still a newbie when it comes to mobile technology, that's why Google chose Orange, which is owned by France Telecoms, Europe's second-largest telecoms group.

At first I was excited about the prospect on owning a Google Phone, imagine mobile location based searches as superior as Google Earth. But i think there is a miss, first Phone doesn't equal to Orange. If Google wants a good phone in terms of usability and design then they should go to Nokia and if they are going to open their own telco infrastructure specially catered to data then they should have talked to Japan's NT DoCoMo; if they wanted to earn expertise with building mobile applications then they should talk to Sun and finally if they want skill mobile developers, marketing consultant and product developers, then they should come to the Philippines :)


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